Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Barcelona part 1

Going towards more shops and more restaurants! 
We picked the destination because there was one room available in our favourite hotel, Wilson. It's located in Eixample, a couple of kilometres walk from the Barri Gothic, old town. On the way one can browse practically all shops, except small indie ones. I also checked the high fashion boutiques, which were selling winter clothes in 39°C heat. Here something from Chanel and Jimmy Choo.

Wilson's breakfast buffet (yes, there's also wine):

Here we are on the way to stroll around the city and in the second picture to dine at 4Gats, where our culinary week started. Hub had his first steak and I had rabbit and we did eat some starters as well. The pictures ain't good enough to be published but the food was excellent, even though the place is one of the biggest tourist attractions. It was established in the 19th century and some guy named Pablo Picasso was one of the regular customers (oh yes, we've seen his exhibition ;P). I'm wearing a new sweater from Bershka.

And as promised, Chanel and Choo:

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm back!

Here's a small tasting of my next (few) weeks of posts; probably the best food I've ever had in my life, duck in Noti restaurant. The waitress promised to cover if I decide to lick the plate. 
We have about 500 pictures of which half is of food. But yes, it was a really good trip! 

Thursday, June 24, 2010


... timed images now that I'm in Barcelona and I don't know if I get to post from there.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My holiday weardrobe

I wrote a list here so that I can check out afterwards if this was a good set for a week in a city.
Outfit images will be published later since my Hub promised to take one every day :D

First image, for the plane: denim jacket, loose pants, striped tee, cardi, beige hat, cotton scarf and silk-cashmere scarf (+ socks and ballerina shoes)

Second image, bottoms: two pairs of denim shorts, belt, le sac dress, silk wrap dress, shoulder bag, two clutches, sandals and ballerinas. 

Third image, tops: four jersey tops, white shirt, silk shirt and jersey tunic, travel bag.

Fourth image, underwear etc: three pairs of bikini, yellow and pink hat, nightie, belt, leggings, notebook, makeup and shower equipment.

To be continued...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Happy holiday everyone!
I'm in Barcelona, again, though This picture was taken last year. Turned out that if we cannot decide between Madeira, Sicily and Greece, we pick BCN.
But I'll be back!

Monday, June 21, 2010


...all my fellow bloggers in the Koskipuisto park meeting on Friday! I managed to take the low res pictures -again. That only happens when there's something nice to post about and not just my own face. 

But the company was wonderful and Maria has really good pictures in her blog anyhow! 
Hope to see you again soon SanniMaijaMariaRhiaStazzyNooraKatarimariaSarakissaSanna & Tiitiäinen + Noora's BF, Stazzy's BF and one polite young man Otto! (my pic by Maria)
Black hole:

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Last Wednesday we had a girls night out dancing. I can't remember the last time I've had SO MUCH fun like that! My posse, two little and two big sisters below:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Leg excercises

I promised a long time ago a video of my leg excercises and here are now my 3 favourite movements. Well, they also challenge other muscles, like my face... I'd recommend not to use the sound because I haven't learned to mix it yet to my videos. Next time...

I would be using a kettlebell here if I had one at home. It's a lot more practical, especially on the 3rd movement.

I usually do 2 to 3 times 10 to 30 reps and the 3 first movements form this video. I use 10 to 15 pound dumpbells and 20 to 24 pound kettlebell -still working on to conquer the 32 pounder! 

Here's my idol BTW, Kukka Laakso. I posted her interview last week, I could translate it if someone suggests that, too! (Not this week or next, though. I'm off to the sys, niece, parents and blogger meetings and somewhere warm!)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Travel bag

I went to get a shelf to be placed at the balcony and stumbled into this bag. I simply couldn't leave it in the thrift shop even though it was a bit expensive for a thrift (10 euros). And I really needed a travel bag.
This is big enough to accomodate everything I need on a one week trip and it's really pretty. Not to mention it's Finnish quality craft from the 70's.

I did buy the shelf, too. Now I have to figure out what to use it for. No pics until then...

Dream dress

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Not a relative of mine but made me quite blue anyway.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hat model's own

I realized Thursday afternoon tha the weather is gorgeous and I'm indoors -well, on the balcony- on a computer or reading a book. So, better go out. And then come back in for the cycling helmet instead of this hat.
I went to see our godson who took me out for a brisk walk with her mom and little brother. Now my foot has been rubbed raw but it was inevitable anyway. My toenails need a cut and new polish. At the very moment the weather is terrible (=cold and rainy), so I might as well start right away.

PS. Notice my water cress at the right corner!

Featuring... Garbagebag

In Etsy there is a lot more handmade stuff than just jewelry, bags for example. One of the bag shops is Garbagebag.

How did Garbagebag start, Anne?

About 20 years ago I managed to put together my first “garbagebag”. I was studying in a handicraft-school and as exercise I had to manufacture “a gift that reflects recipient’s personality”. I was short of money and therefore had problem of getting together the material. Luckily I then visited my mother while she was cleaning her wardrobe. There I saw a solution to my problem. My mother got rid of her “garbage”, I finished my exercise for the school and my friend received “a gift that reflected her personality”.
A couple of years ago I was going through my things when I realised what a wasteful way of life I was living. I had handbags and not worn out clothes all over the place. To my opinion it is sometimes necessary to cheer up everyday life with a new garment or a piece of accessory. However I wouldn´t want to be the worst case of dissipation of natural resources. At that point I remembered my experiment of recycling my mothers “garbage” and I had the idea of putting up Garbagebag. People who buy my bags are concerned about the recources of nature but don't feel like everything is hopeless.

Please introduce some of your unique bags:

  1. Bleeding Strawberries by the Time of a Sunset Glow is the first creation in my Art-aud collection. It's made of corduroy with a lining and handles of artificial leather and decorations made of recycled leather.
  2. Metropolis 1 bag is made of silver and black fabrics and decorated with recycled pieces of metal. The strap is padded so it's very comfortable to carry on the shoulder.
  3. Neubauten bag is made of leather jacket, electric wire and computer parts.

Could you reveal us where you get the inspiration?

It usually comes from music, movies, books and art. Items evolve from the materials I find from flea market, thrift shops and my friend's attics. Outsapop has also collected a great deal of ideas to start working on.

Thank you Anne!
All bagladies (and not just me), go and find yours at


As you can see, I can be very fashionably black and discoloured, too. 
This is my new beret I made for those bad hair days I don't want anyone to smile at me (which always happens with the yellow one).

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Greek salad with Egyptian cheese

This is what we ate yesterday and I got a bad travel feaver. Quite surprisingly... 

Salad, cucumber, fresh and sun dried tomato, marinated olives, sweet pepper, olive oil and soft, creamy cheese. Just delicious! I could eat this every day.

I also could stay in Crete or at least go back sometime.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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