Friday, June 11, 2010

Featuring... Garbagebag

In Etsy there is a lot more handmade stuff than just jewelry, bags for example. One of the bag shops is Garbagebag.

How did Garbagebag start, Anne?

About 20 years ago I managed to put together my first “garbagebag”. I was studying in a handicraft-school and as exercise I had to manufacture “a gift that reflects recipient’s personality”. I was short of money and therefore had problem of getting together the material. Luckily I then visited my mother while she was cleaning her wardrobe. There I saw a solution to my problem. My mother got rid of her “garbage”, I finished my exercise for the school and my friend received “a gift that reflected her personality”.
A couple of years ago I was going through my things when I realised what a wasteful way of life I was living. I had handbags and not worn out clothes all over the place. To my opinion it is sometimes necessary to cheer up everyday life with a new garment or a piece of accessory. However I wouldn´t want to be the worst case of dissipation of natural resources. At that point I remembered my experiment of recycling my mothers “garbage” and I had the idea of putting up Garbagebag. People who buy my bags are concerned about the recources of nature but don't feel like everything is hopeless.

Please introduce some of your unique bags:

  1. Bleeding Strawberries by the Time of a Sunset Glow is the first creation in my Art-aud collection. It's made of corduroy with a lining and handles of artificial leather and decorations made of recycled leather.
  2. Metropolis 1 bag is made of silver and black fabrics and decorated with recycled pieces of metal. The strap is padded so it's very comfortable to carry on the shoulder.
  3. Neubauten bag is made of leather jacket, electric wire and computer parts.

Could you reveal us where you get the inspiration?

It usually comes from music, movies, books and art. Items evolve from the materials I find from flea market, thrift shops and my friend's attics. Outsapop has also collected a great deal of ideas to start working on.

Thank you Anne!
All bagladies (and not just me), go and find yours at

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