Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Featuring... gbkoru

You can find all kinds of jewelries in Etsy and my guest Gunilla from gbkoru makes amazing statement necklaces and earrings. Welcome Gunilla and let's begin with a short introductiory of your work:

1) Desert Canyon,  is made of ceramic pieces and lampwork from other artisans, glass beads, crystals, seed beads, copper and brass beads.

2) Agate Leaf of seed beads, crystals, poppy jasper cubes, freshwater pearl sticks, agate rectangles and sterling silver.

3) Faux Cinnabar of jasper, faux cinnabar and copper.

Where does the inspiration come from?

From nature, books, mags, fabric samples, pots and plates, anywhere! 
I usually start out with the neclace and just combine different materials. Sometimes it forms itself just like that, sometimes it takes weeks before I'm satisfied. I use a lot of material from other artisans and seem to return to jasper, acate, copper and brass over and over again. Every piece of mine is completely unique.

I've done all kinds of handwork since I was a child, knitting, sewing, crocheting. Jewelries I've made about six years now. My dayjob is boring office work and this is my way of relaxing and getting my mind off of everything. And I get something concrete done meanwhile. I really enjoy that! 
I could say my Etsy shop is a really enjoyable hobby.

I think every woman deserves a beautiful piece of jewelry! They cheer you up every day and make your party outfit special. I hope my pieces could be worn every single day.

How about sharing some web links with us?

I have a list of my favourite links in my blog. I would especially want to point out   Jane Myrsky's fabulous glass beads and Beads of Clay & ABS blogs for great ideas and tips for shopping.

Thank you Gunilla for visiting my blog, really gorgeous pieces you have in your shop! 

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