Friday, May 7, 2010

My personal challenge

Referring to the fact no 74 (no 14 on this list), I want to get rid of this stupid habit once and for all. That's why I'll be keeping a challenge counter on this page.
Instead of the former scissors, nail file and cuticle oil, I'm armed with rubber gloves and heavy Bepanthen creme for serious skin damages (which was originally bought for my tattoo): I use a fair amount of the cream on my hands and cover them with the gloves overnight. It's a bit of romance killer but what wouldn't a girl do for her beauty?
After 5 nights my cuticles are soft and I don't feel like picking them...
Edit: May 21st, this is how my cuticles look like now, almost normal I suppose

Edit: June 14th:



  1. Yesterday I had to do some clipping on a few fingers even though I've been told not to.
    Both my nails and the cuticles grow like crazy and I have to push the cuticles back every single day.
    I'm not using oil on them but have slept with the gloves on now 2 nights after that first 5-night kick-off. I'm also adding hand lotion 2-3 times a day. Still the corners are getting hard and I have to use a nail file to soften them. Fingers, not nails!

    But I'm not giving up!

  2. The critical third week is about to begin. I've managed to stop picking for two weeks before, this time I have to pay really good attention to this third week.

    The other night, Friday I think, I caught myself ALMOST biting my thumb. Almost.

  3. I'm adding a photo here. That's what my fingers look like now. I cut my nails short this morning, I couldn't even type anymore, they really bothered me.

  4. Three weeks!!!
    I could have a glass of champagne to celebrate, this hasn't happen in 10 years :D

    Today I'll be digging dirt and for that I need to go and buy gloves. Then I can put on some polish...

  5. I believe it's time to start counting weeks instead of days now. That means I'm doing a great job, but only as long as I remember to use the handcream several times a day. I do have to be really careful or I would slip... but it's nice to have normal looking thumbs even after shower!
    I'm also going to continue the nightime intensive treatments at least once a week.

  6. Six weeks and I went polished :D
    This colour is my all time favourite red: Revlon One Perfect Coral. The bottle is over 10 years old but the filling is still in perfect condition. I call it quality!

    I'm still struggling a bit with my thumbs but other than that my fingers are fine. The gloves are still essential though.


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