Friday, May 14, 2010

DIY balmanish military jacket

Originally posted on Feb 20th.

Inspired by Balmain I fixed an old Zara jacket yesterday. 

Sorry about the sad and simple translation, you can ask me more details! This cost me by the way less than 5 euros.
Jacket is a bit too big and boring and I don't like the buttons at all. So I took them off and added some distressing. If you do this, don't forget to empty the pockets before washing, like I did.

I sew 3 zippers together (you want to do this by hand, trust me!), stitched the gathering and unpicked the seams from shoulder and collar.

Then I replaced the epaulette with mine and added shoulder pads, too. I also took in a bit from the waist.
This picture just demonstrates a clever attempt to solve China's waste problem. They simply stuff it into clothes.
Final look before closing up the patient.
And then of course the new Etsy-buttons.

Later I added some decorations:


  1. That is very creative. I am not the best at sewing but I should give this a try someday. I actually have a jacket that is similar to that. It is brown. If it starts to fall apart, i think with your instructions I can fix it. Thanks

  2. This jacket is my ultimate favourite and previously I had no use for it at all!
    I have added some decorations to it afterwards, maybe I should add a link to this post :D


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