Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Holiday in my mind

Originally posted April 6th

»»»I always travel light. To me a very important part of the holiday trip is the planning: what do I wear? What else should I pack? Do I need some new pieces and where do I find them? What do we do there, activities, sports, museums? I never listen to the restaurant recommendations though -unless it's a Michelin star rated place. To my experience their best effort typically means mediocrity or worse for far too high prices.

However, apart from the usual passport, credit card, toothbrush, camera, handkerchiefs and makeup remover vipes, pencil, extra zipperlock plastic bags and a jar of coconut oil, when I travel to warmer places than Finland I always pack:
1. Sunglasses and eye drops
My eyes are super sensitive and they always run. My glasses cover a half of my face and make the sun and the wind tolerable.
Before I discovered this combo, I always had a rash all over my decollete and in most cases it burned too, no matter what I tried. Well, not any more. I also like using Dove light self tan moisturizer instead of aftersun lotion. Normally I don't use any body moisturizers because my skin doesn't get dry, due to my high fat diet. But in the sun of course it gets very dehydrated.
I believe by now, we all know why.
4. Long sleeved t-shirt
Even though outside I don't want to wear much, airconditioners make indoors chilly. It's not always easy to find long sleeved cotton jersey tee for a reasonable price so it's best to bring it with you.
5. Two sets of bikinis
They make other type of underwear useless.
6. Wool socks and cashmere cardigan
Don't pack them and you'll freeze, at least in the plane. Pack them and you'll swet. One time I thought I could handle 2 hours flight even if it's a bit chilly. I couldn't. (After 15 minutes I stuffed my feet inside my Hub's sweater.)
I don't know what happens when I wear them out. Life is over?
Perfect size, perfect style and a zipper.

Anything else you might like to add?
Oh yes, of course, nail scissors. Who else finds it absurd that you have to pack a suitcase for nail scissors?

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