Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Featuring... Tuuni

I love decorating my home with old stuff and lace and I even have sewn a cover for the couch using sheets from the 50's and 60's that my Mom gave me. Back then the fabrics were really thick and durable, unlike these days. My this week's guest Tuuni uses such materials in her work, too.  

How about a short introduction of your work first?

1. Pillow cases made of vintage linen are decorated with hand crocheted lace. I love trousseau! These grandma's treasures really shouldn't be hidden in the closets. 

2. Embroidered envelopes store postcards and letters and secret love notes. It's fully lined with another beautiful recycled fabric.

3. Handbag is also made of recycled fabrics. It has a long removable strap and flower, which you can also pin to your hat or overcoat for change. 

Would you like to tell us something about yourself and where you get your inspiration?

I've loved sewing and handwork since I was a girl and graduated an artisan in 1999. Since then I've been working in sales and promotion of Finnish design. During my maternity leave in 2009 I started my own business Tuuni Design and I'm dreaming of doing this full time one day. Right now however I'm focusing on being a mom.

My inspiration... I suppose the best source of inspiration are the materials and my best ideas evolve while thrifting or sewing. I have ideas lined up just as my fabrics and sometimes it's a bit frustrating that I don't seem to find the time to execute them all. Then again the one piece I'm working on is always my favourite!

My products are made of recycled fabrics and I have great respect for Finnish tradition of craftmanship. Every piece is unique and carries precious memories of old times. I can also make you a special piece using your fabrics, just send me note via my Etsy shop! We can discuss further how to update your treasures to today.

Where can we buy your products?

Alongside with my Etsy-store they are being sold in Mereija in Helsinki, Bella Casa in Tuusula and  Suttisen tilan vinttipuoti in Laitikkala nearby Hämeenlinna. I'm also trying to participate a few events every year.

Any web links you would like to share with us?

Treasury East in Etsy is a phenomenal shopping center,  Orla Kiely website has this beautiful 50's vibe and I love the French vintage  French By Design in Etsy has to offer. 

Thank you for your time, Tuuni! And don't forget to update us with the dates of the events you're participating.


  1. Thank you for mentioning my FrenchByDesign shop Tuija and Prefecta! You are angels! And Tuija, I loooove your designs!

  2. You have such a beautiful shop, too! Really worth mentioning :D


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