Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Featuring... Stella Kim

I came up with an idea of featuring some other bloggers and Etsy-artisans and I was really lucky to get an interview from an Etsy artisan Stella Kim, thank you so much for your time! 

Please, introduce us a few of your favourite pieces from your shop.

1. Love letter necklaces. These are made from vintage raw brass findings and I have hand-decorated them with new polymer clay detail.

2. Berry berry earrings are little polymer clay studs in cheerful color combinations. I learnt to make them over Christmas '08 (the looooong Christmas cum school holiday we have in Finland can help one's productivity at home!) and have been addicted to them! 

3. Applique necklaces. I love applique! There is a shop in a textile centre in Singapore that I have been visiting since i was a child. It's a heaven for anyone who loves buttons, lace, ribbons, applique and much more. They have lots of lovely applique & I thought why not wear applique as jewelry too? That's how my applique necklaces were born. :) 

Tell us something about yourself.

I am a full time student and a part-time self-taught crafter. I have been making jewelry since I was a girl but have taken it more seriously in the last ten years. Before moving to Finland in 2005, I worked as a marketing executive for a jewelry trading company in Singapore and through my work and travels I grew to love jewelry more and more from then. I also had a small business in Singapore with my sister-in-law and after I moved to Finland, I discovered Helsinki's Kauppatori and started selling there during the summers. I love Kauppatori and i also get to practice my Finnish there! 

Where do you get your inspiration to make such fun and beautiful items?

My inspirations came from my surrounding, nature, latest trends... but almost anything can be inspiring really.. sometimes when I see a lovely cake or piece of fabric I say to myself 'hey those colors are lovely!!..that would look great on a pair of earrings!' :) 

Where can we buy your jewelry? 

My items are currently for sale at Helsinki's Kauppatori (marketplace) during the summer and also on my Etsy shop. I am looking to placing them in some shops in the near future and I will announce it on my Etsy page when I do!

I was hoping you could give us tips of other websites you enjoy.

My most-visited websites at the moment are BBC and YLE for news. I am also quite addicted to Etsy. I get a lot of my supplies from Etsy suppliers. I also recently joined the European Street Team on Etsy so I have been spending some time getting to know them too. 
Some of my favorite (there are so many to just list a few!!) shops on Etsy are SisicatamyrakimNitscreations and rosetutu.

Thank you Stella Kim and let's hope it's going to be a long and sunny summer this year!

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for featuring me! :)




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