Saturday, May 15, 2010

DIY smokey eyes made easy

Originally posted March 10th.
Tutorial for a very easy smokey eyes makeup.

Click to enlarge the image! Oh, and this time I added the labels I use.
1. No makeup, just moisturizer
2. Added (Make Up Store) concealer under eyes and highliter swept to labials 
3. Added (Guerlain) base cream over lids
4. Kohl lining to lash line and inside lower lid. It can smudge from there and I may or may not add a little during the day. Today its denim black (Clinique), tomorrow maybe grey or brown (Chanel).
5. I'm adding semi dark eye shadow (lighter colour of this L'oreal pallette) over the lining with a small brush. Today it was brown, tomorrow maybe violet (Helena Rubinstein), green or grey (YSL).
6. then I take bigger brush and blend the colour all over the lid and a bit on the lower lid as well
7.  Next mascara (Sensai 38)
8. I sweep mineral makeup (Everyday Minerals) all over the face
9. Shading (same EM) below the cheekbone and adding blusher over it
10. Defining brows and adding lipgloss (both Clinique)
The purple version:


  1. Ooh. nice. I have no idea how to put on make up. I don't use make up, but if I do I will use your guide.

  2. That's nice to hear that someone finds these useful!


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