Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Featuring... Mishibu

Mishibulla sells delicates on Etsy and the best news is, that anyone -even on low carb diet- can enjoy these with no limitations! 

Let's have a tasting first, Mishibu recommends 

Or would you prefer Princess Cupcake Earrings, or a Sushi Charm?

Who are you and what else do you do than bake these cakes? 

I'm a 22 year old IT-student and I also work part time. So my future profession has nothing to do with handcraft, although some might think it does. To balance my demanding mathematical studies I like doing things that allow you to really loosen up and create whatever comes into mind.   

I started out with clay but it required a regular schedule and I just didn't find time for it anymore. That's when I discovered Polymer Clay which doesn't need a special owen for hardening and all of a sudden it's been 5 years already. I've also made some silver and pearl jewelries.
I sometimes get really inspired by some bands or movies and that's when I do miniature people. You can see those in my online-gallery

I first joined Etsy to buy some handmade things and then I decided to start my own shop. To me it's just a fun hobby and I don't take too much pressure on the selection or the frequency of updating my shop. I suppose my typical customer is a girl who doesn't take life too seriously. Or can you imagine something more fun than wearing a chocolate chip cookie ring?

We'd like you to share some of your favourite websites! 

Well, my 
blog of course and my tutorials in Youtube.
I also read Minifood-blog, so check that out, too!  

Thanks Mishibu for this delicious interview!

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